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HVCC 12s

March 10th -1st PLACE-The HVCC 12s, in the Brandon Jr Tournament, played a round robin format with 5 other teams. Out of the 10 games that they played, they only lost one and moved into the Championship match.The HVCC 12s played in the Championship against Brandon 12-1, the same team they had lost their one game against in round robin play. The match went three games, with HVCC 12s winning the tie-breaker for an exciting match.

HVCC 14s

March 17th -2nd PLACE- The HVCC 14s, in the Trojan Tournament, swept through all opponents in their pool, winning both games of each match. They then moved into the Gold Division tournament as the number one seed. They won  both games of their first match in tournament play, only to lose both games of the Championship match.

March 17- 2nd Place- The HVCC 12s, in the Trojan Tournament, went undefeated in pool play, winning their pool. Competing in the Gold Division tournament, they won their first match, earning a spot in the tournament Championship game. The HVCC 12s were defeated by Club Cougar 12s.

HVCC 12s

March 17 -6th Place- The HVCC 11s, in the Trojan Tournament, lost all their matches in pool play. With all teams moving into tournament play, they were set to compete in the Silver Division tournament. The youngest team of the tournament chose an opportune moment for victory in their first match of tournament play, advancing to the Silver Division Championship Match. Losing the match, the HVCC 11s finished 6th out of 8 teams.

HVCC 12s

March 24 -1st PLACE- The HVCC 12s, in the HAVOC Tournament, continued to build on their streak of tournament Championship match appearances. On their home court, as one of the hosting teams, they performed exceptionally well. The team went undefeated throughout the entire tournament.

March 24 -8th PLACE- The HVCC 11s, in the HAVOC Tournament, once again were outmanned in pool and tournament play. They won one game of a match against the 7th place team, finishing 8th out of 9 teams. Keep fighting HVCC 11s! Looking back, these finishes look very similar to the HVCC 12s a year ago.

March 25 -1st PLACE- The HVCC 15s, in the Trojan Tournament, got off to a good start in the tournament winning their pool undefeated. Moving on to the Gold Division tournament, they faced even stiffer competition. Still maintaining their undefeated pool play, they faced and were victorious against a challenging Madison Area 16s team. In the Championship match, they won the first game and lost the second to the HHM Crossfire. In the third and deciding game, the HVCC 15s prevailed.

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